What is PonyDry?

Tired of washing your long hair, blow-drying and re-styling over and over again, when really just the roots need washing? With PONYDRY you can keep the length of your hair dry while you wash where it counts… the roots. 

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Saves You Time: PonyDry protects just the length of your hair from getting wet. PonyDry cuts down on washing your hair, blow-drying your hair and styling your hair. From 25 min. to 7 min flat. This unique design is easy to use, it adjusts to any type of hair and it keeps your hair not only dry but keeps your hair styled.
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Reduces Damage:  Our hair is over processed. With less exposure to harsh shampoos, conditioners and other styling products plus cutting down on using your blow-dryer and other hot hair styling tools will save your hair from damage. This will dramatically help you get the healthy hair you deserve.
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    Gives You That Clean Feeling: Because it allows you to wash your ENTIRE scalp. Other products can help with your oily roots issue, but they are quick fixes that leave you with more chemicals in your hair and not a clean feeling. PonyDry allows you to wash away the oil from your hair, leaving you with that clean feeling.
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    It Easy to Use: PonyDry is a game changer. It’s easy to use, and when used correctly it works 100%! If you are like me, you won’t even read the instructions (I do this with almost everything but sometimes I make mistakes, Shhh don’t tell my husband) so if you find it didn’t work for you READ the how-to-use instructions and/or WATCH our video.
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    Other great ways to use PonyDry:
    • Beach or Pool-time is another perfect time to use PonyDry. Leave the beach or the pool with the same clean, dry, styled hair you came with.
    • Gym, don’t sweat, it won’t get wet. Working out can be challenging especially during a workday. 1 hour lunch won’t cut it for a work out, a shower (wash, blow-dry and restyle) and let’s not forget we still need to eat.
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    Environmentally Friendly: PonyDry not only cuts down on time, but it cuts down on water usage, shampoos and conditioners, electricity from styling tools. It saves you money too.