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  1. Can I wash my hair when it's in a ponytail?

    Yes, once your hair gets wet and lathered it loosens allowing you to wash right down to the roots. When used correctly PonyDry works 100%.
  2. Can I get all the shampoo out when rinsing my hair? 

    Yes. Rinse your hair thoroughly; it’s useful to lift the PonyDry off the scalp and let the water run through the base of your ponytail as shampoo can gather around the base.
  3. Will my secured ponytail get wet while using PONYDRY? 

    No. It's important to create a watertight seal at the base of the opening. Wrap the pink cord around the material at the base of your ponytail 2-3 times (or more) to seal, then secure by hooking the pink cord around the pink button.
  4. Will the dry hair get wet when brushing?

    This is possible if you have the type of hair that holds a lot of water. Ensure your hair is only a bit damp before you remove PonyDry. I prefer to blow-dry my hair with PonyDry still on.
  5. If I blow-dry my hair with PONYDRY on, how do I dry the base of my Pony tail?

    Once the top is dry, remove PonyDry and elastic (if you used one) but still holding pony tail quickly blow-dry the base. Voila.
  6. Is using PONYDRY more time consuming than just washing the entire hair?

    No. Once you get used to it (1 or 2 tries) PonyDry will become part of your routine. Once you go PonyDry you don’t go back.
  7. How do I dry PONYDRY after I use it?

    After each use, simply hang PonyDry and let air dry.
  8. Are there chemicals in the fabric?

    Our fabrics are made by textile suppliers of the highest standards, where their raw materials are analyzed and certified as innocuous to human health.
  9. What do you use to make the fabric waterproof?

    Acrylic Urethane resin.
  10. How long does PONYDRY last?

    That depends on the user. If used gently it can last up to 2-6 months.
  11. Do I wash my PONYDRY?

    No, just hang to dry. Store only once fully dried.
  12. What is the PONYDRY made of?

    I00% polyester material.
  13. How much does PONYDRY cost?

    $29.99 USD
  14. Where can I buy PONYDRY?

    Online for now.
  15. Will PONYDRY keep extra long hair dry?

    Yes, one can fit a lot of hair in a PonyDry. For now PonyDry comes in one size and fits anything from super long hair to shoulder length hair. The fabric is super light-weight, it feels like you have nothing on.
  16. Are there any dyes or chemicals in PONYDRY that can damage coloured hair?

    All testing to date indicates there are no effects on coloured hair from using PonyDry as instructed.