The 10 Best Gifts To Get Someone With Long Hair

The 10 Best Gifts To Get Someone With Long Hair

Here at PonyDry, we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow this morning, and it's got us all in the Holiday Spirit.  Well that and the impending Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.  So with that in mind...

PonyDry Presents:



1. Hask Beauty Products:  The Hask line of hair care products features exotic ingredients of the highest quality, from around the world. These products work on all hair types, including textured hair.  Hask is easily available at many pharmacies and department stores across the United States, Canada and the UK, so go get some...NOW!


2. Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ties: These are the latest craze in hair ties.  They fit easily on a wrist, without being too tight, they are tangle free and won't leave an ugly kink in your hair.  They are super cute and affordable!  Under $10, you could drop a few of these in each stocking.

 3. Turbie Twist:  This simple towel is lightweight and twists long hair easily into a turban, keeping wet hair off your shoulders and helping it to dry quickly.  Once you try the Turbie Twist, you won't ever want to go without it!  It's so easy to use, it's also great for kids (Think swimming lessons in the winter!)


4.  Dyson Airwrap:  Every time the innovative geniuses over at Dyson come out with a new product, we swoon, and the Airwrap is no exception!  This magical curling iron uses air, instead of heat, to style hair!  While it comes with a fairly hefty price tag, we say it's worth every penny!



5.  The Original Magic Bun Maker: This simple tool makes a heavy snooze morning so much more manageable!  


6. Peekaboos Ponytail Hats:  These fashionable touques allow your long-haired friends to wear their ponytail, while still keeping their noggin warm and cozy!  The hats are fleece-lined, non-itch, hypoallergenic and machine washable.  They come in a multitude of colours and cost under $40, so we love the price!


7.  DrainWig: Is there someone in your home whose long hair is constantly clogging up the shower drain?  Then here is the solution!  The DrainWig is just adorable enough to give as a gift, for a not so adorable problem.  Gift away, my friends...No offence taken!


8.  Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother:  This personal scalp rejuvenation comb safely soothes the itching associated with hair weaves, locs, extensions, naturals, wigs and braids.  Best used while shampooing, it can be used to lift and style hair, while also promoting hair growth...Sign me up!


 8.  The SHHHOWERCAP:  These folks have reinvented the shower cap.  Not only are their caps beautiful to look at and luxurious to wear, but they are also made with NANO TECHNOLOGY, which means they're not just waterproof, they are hydrophobic (that's a fancy term that means water beads up and slides right off -no drippy mess, and no smelly mildew buildup!)


9.  The Tangle TeezerThis brand is the go-to for detangling hair.  Their whole line includes products like the wet detangler, that will reduce breakage, and the back-combing hairbrush for volume, texture and shine.  You will love the quality, colour choices and style of these hair tools...BUT, our FAVOURITE thing about the Tangle Teezer is that you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN BRUSH!  So glide on over to their website with a pic of you and your BFF and create a great gift for your bestie and yourself!  


10. PONYDRY:  Yes, a list of best gifts for people with long hair would not be complete without The PonyDry.  Our innovative hair sleeve allows you to wash just your roots while keeping the length of your hair dry.  It saves you time and keeps your hair healthy by limiting the need for all sorts of damaging products and hot styling tools.  And to make the PonyDry even more enticing, we are offering a BOGO Black Friday Sale.  Buy one PonyDry and get the 2nd for 50% off.  Mix and match all three of our fabulous colours...HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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