Six Hacks To Get Through The Holidays With Long Hair

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Six Hacks To Get Through The Holidays With Long Hair

December has arrived, and here at PonyDry, that means cold weather, and warm sweaters; Holiday parties with lots to eat and drink and long nights hibernating with family or friends.  It can be a tough time to look after your long hair!  So with that in mind, we've compiled a list of helpful tips to get you through the holidays with long hair!


1.  Learn an easy Up Do.  Office Christmas parties, family get togethers, New Year's Eve and even your book club Secret Santa.  December's calendar is full of special occasions, and if you have long hair, you know this can get tricky.  We recently discovered Abby Smith and her Blog and YouTube Channel, Twist me Pretty.  She's got some super easy and quick styles to try to make your night out style next level!


2. Fight Hat Head!  This time of year is made for warm, woolly hats, but your long hair isn't.  When you venture out for all those social engagments and you want to ward off the dreaded Hat Head, make sure you have completely dry hair,  use cotton hats, not wool and finally this neat little trick from The Loop. Before you put your hat on, part your hair on the opposite side of your head.  When you take off your hat, flip your hair back to it's regular position, and all evidence of hat head will be erased!  


3. Get yourself a silk pillowcase.  Trust us.  With all of those holiday parties in December, you'll need to make sure you are making the most out of your beauty sleep! Not only are silk pillowcases more hygienic and better for your skin, they are also a game changer when it comes to your hair. Silk pillowcases can help prevent breakage and frizz, avoid bedhead and keep that blowout looking great right through the night!  You can find silk pillowcases in all sorts of price ranges. The DryBar Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase works great for under $50.  It's also on sale right now, so check it out!


 4.  Get Blown Out.  Oh the Blowout!  There is nothing like the feeling of leaving a salon with perfect, silky, bouncy hair.  Of course, this little luxury we long-haired ladies enjoy so much can be tough on the budget.  Good news is that the holidays are the perfect time to invest in a great blowout, since you can get tons of bang for your buck.  Try these tips from to make the most out of your blowout


5.  Take your vitamins.  All those holiday parties sure are fun, and we totally love to let loose and enjoy the moment.  Getting together with friends and family is good for the soul, but all that booze, cheese and cookies?  Not so much.  If you want to keep your hair looking great through all that indulgence, make sure you are getting the right vitamins.  Vitamins A, C, D, E plus B-vitamins and iron are essential for healthy hair.  Making sure you get orange vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, fruit and even cod liver oil into your diet is important, but if that fails, make sure you are at least taking a multi-vitamin.





6.  PonyDry!  The ultimate time saver, PonyDry let's you shower like you have short hair!  It keeps the length of your hair dry, while you wash your roots.  Save that beautiful blow out, prevent frizz, save your colour, the PonyDry does it all!  We can't say enough about our favourite hair tool (even if we are obviously biased!)  It makes a great stocking stuffer too!  Get it here.  

To all our friends, from the bottom of our heart, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Ramadan Kareem and Happy Holidays!

Love, The PonyDry Team xo


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