PonyDry's Vintage Prom Hair Inspiration

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PonyDry's Vintage Prom Hair Inspiration

Calling all teens!  Prom Season is here!  Such an exciting time for you, a true milestone in the life of young women.  Perhaps it may even be the first chance you've had to choose your own epic style for a black tie affair,  Dress and shoe shopping are probably all you are thinking about right now, but what about your hair?   Well, PonyDry is here to help inspire you with hairstyles from every decade, to elevate your prom look to the next level! 


1920"s - Old Hollywood Waves


 This glamourous Old Hollywood look can be given a modern twist, and it's pretty easy to do at home.  Check out the How To at www.hairandmakeupbysteph.com to see the simple steps.



 1930's - Faux Bob


 The 1930's were all about women finding their freedom, including freedom from their long hair!  While we at PonyDry wouldn't dream of suggesting cutting your locks for an event like prom, we certainly aren't adverse to trying out a new look. This tutorial by Lisa Freemont Street demonstrates a great way to get a trendy 30's inspired bob, without doing anything drastic!  


 1940"s - Victory Rolls


If you're looking for a hairstyle that will really help you to stand out then look no further than the WWII-era Victory Roll.  The 40's were a decade of of beautifully put-together styling that involved plenty of prep work, but created seriously glamorous results.  Get a modern take on the Victory Roll by Loepsie here.


1950's  - The Ponytail 


Does it get any more iconic this?  In the 50's the Ponytail was called a Horse Tail, and it was popular with teens and women because it was simple yet chic.  Watch this tutorial by Bumble and Bumble to create a great 50's inspired ponytail with enough pizzazz to wear to prom.


1960's - The Bouffant/Beehive


Depending on whether you're talking about the early or late 1960's, the Bouffant or Beehive come to mind.  It was the one and only Jackie O who made the Bouffant popular in the early 60's.  Try this absolutely beautiful take on the iconic 'do found on Refinery29.com


1970's - The Foxy 'Fro


For any ladies with textured hair, The 70's were your time to shine!  Think Diana Ross and Pam Grier rocking their natural hair.  Big, beautiful and sexy, this is definitely a great way to make your straight haired friends super jealous on prom night.  Get some tips on how to create this look from My Natural Sistas here.



1980's - Crimped Hair



Oh yes, everything old is new again, including the hair crimper. It may seem hard to believe  but crimped hair is making a huge comeback, with celebs like Beyoncé  giving this 80's trend new life.  If you want to try this style out for prom, we recommend keeping it subtle.  Check out this gorgeous Boho, festival inspired style by Sephora beauty expert Dina, for a super pretty prom look.



Don't forget, as always, take care of your long hair with PonyDry.  PonyDry lets you wash just the roots of your hair, while keeping your lengths, and style dry!  Enjoy prom everyone and be safe!


PonyDry xo




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