Finding Your Community-PonyDry

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Finding Your Community-PonyDry

If you're a mother (or father!) who has children under the age of 10 or maybe even older, you are probably a member of some sort of "Mommy group" through Facebook, Twitter or other online forum.  These groups may be filled with parents with children of similar ages, or who live in the same neighbourhood.  Maybe they are defined by the same diagnosis, or family composition.  Whatever the case may be, these groups can be a great source of advice, inspiration and encouragement, as we here at PonyDry recently discovered.

My story involved a certain elf who appears just before Christmas to watch the children and report back to Santa.  If you have kids, you know the one...The dreaded Elf on the Shelf.  Our Elf is forced to follow us back and forth between our home in the city, and our ski chalet, about 2 hours North of Toronto.  Well, one Sunday just before Christmas, our elf missed his ride back to the city.  My husband and I were pretty concerned about disappointing our kids, especially so close to Christmas.  On a whim, I decided to post on my Mum's group, asking if anyone had an Elf I could borrow.  I was so touched with all the offers, some from complete strangers, to loan me an elf for a few days, and especially from one new mom, who let me keep her elf for the entire Christmas break!  Over the next few days, as I would run into women I knew, but didn't realize were part of this network, I would be asked, "Did you solve your elf problem?"  It was really incredible to know who all of these ladies had my back, simply because they knew what it would feel like to be in my shoes.

Jessica Watson, the inventor and founder of PonyDry, also knows the power of a network of women.  Neighbourhood women have helped shape PonyDry by giving advice about business, lending their time to help put product together, and even the team of people she employs are all local moms.  

Just recently, we had a few extra PonyDrys hanging around the office, and thought we would offer them for sale on our local Mum group.  They make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I think we expected to sell about 20-30, and were shocked when the orders started rolling in.  In the end, we sold about 150 and the support and encouragement we received was amazing.  Just what was needed when you are trying to launch a business!  In fact, it was such a successful campaign, we are considering expanding it into Mum groups in different areas.  In fact, if you are a PonyDry user, and you want share this amazing, time saving product with other women and make a little money too, please get in touch with us at or hit us up on social media @PonyDry.  We'd love to hear from you and see if we can work together to spread the love of PonyDry! 

We all know the power of Moms is enormous, keep up the great work and keep spreading the love. xo



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