Press Release: PonyDry Launch

Press Release: PonyDry Launch

PonyDry Launches to Cut Hair Routine Down to Seven Minutes

New product helps save time, protect long hair from damage, heat styling, and frequent washing

Toronto, ON, November 19, 2015 – Today PonyDry announced the launch of its latest hair care product, designed to help women with long hair wash only the roots while keeping ends dry. PonyDry is a polyester sleeve designed to be placed over the length of a ponytail to help cut hair styling routines from 25 minutes to seven minutes flat. Developed by Toronto-based entrepreneur and mother, Jessica Watson, PonyDry was created to save time, prevent damage, and extend the life of hairstyles without the use of dry shampoo.

“I created PonyDry as a solution for women with long hair that love their length but hate how long it takes to wash, dry, and style,” said Jessica Watson, founder, PonyDry. “Like most women with long hair, I often looked for shortcuts to speed up my routine but many products just left a sticky residue on my scalp. I wanted that clean feeling and designed PonyDry so women can shower like they have short hair.”

With the PonyDry, women can shower and wash their scalp as they normally would, fully drying only their roots in an average of seven minutes. PonyDry is designed to be placed over the length of a ponytail, twisted into a bun, and secured with two elastics, which keeps the entire ponytail dry while showering. The product is designed for all hair types, from thick or thin, to curly or straight, and is ideal for home use, at the gym, at the pool or beach, and with hair extensions.

 In consumer trials, 70 per cent of women who tried PonyDry reported that it saved them a significant amount of time washing, blow drying, and styling their hair. After using PonyDry for three weeks, 60 per cent of women who tried the product also reported that PonyDry improved the appearance of their hair, visibly reducing damage. When used as instructed, the sleeve can last between 50 - 80 applications.

Beginning today, PonyDry is available for purchase online at for $19.99, and ships anywhere across Canada, the US and international.


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About PonyDry PonyDry is the first product that helps women with long hair shower like they have short hair. The patent-pending product allows women to wash their roots while keeping their hair length dry, cutting down on styling time, reducing damage, and extending the life of hairstyles. PonyDry was created by Jessica Watson, an entrepreneur and mom-of-two based in Toronto. The product launched in November 2015, and is available for purchase at

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